Cadorath Corporate

2070 Logan Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R2R 0H9 Canada
Phone: 204.633.9420
Toll Free: 800.470.7069
Fax: 204.633.7101

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Aerospace, Distribution, Uniflyte, Helicopter Leasing, Coating

Cadorath is a multi-faceted international company with several divisions, products and services. We have pride in our integrity and our ability to deliver solutions and satisfaction through:

Delivering consistent peace of mind

We proudly provide products and services to the aviation, industrial, agricultural and consumer goods sectors and have remained committed to quality, reliability and customer satisfaction throughout our more than 55-year history.

We value the relationships with our customers and suppliers and embrace government regulations and OEM certification. These partnerships contribute to assuring peace of mind to our customers.

Exceeding expectations with innovative approaches

Our capabilities and capacities are constantly evolving and growing as we develop our related manufacturing, processing and distribution companies to better serve the industries that better the world.

Innovation drives our business and our people spend every day finding ways to challenge conventional wisdom and provide approaches better than our clients ever thought possible. Because of that determination, we are trusted by some of the most respected names in the industry as our companies consistently push the boundaries to exceed client expectations.

Earning satisfaction with superior service

We value the relationships we build with our clients, suppliers and those who work in every one of our divisions. The skill, knowledge and dedication of our team members allow and compel us to stand behind our products and services.

We provide a respectful working environment – both internally and externally – while fostering a family feeling and building a strong community we know will stand up for generations to come.

Why Us?

Serving multiple industries while offering hundreds of processes under our direct control. Cadorath delivers thousands of successes and millions in savings every year for our customers!

Cadorath continues to commit millions to continually improve how we serve you, with ongoing investments in technology, people, and training.

  • With hundreds of processes in-house Cadorath is a single source provider servicing metal finishing, aviation, industrial and commercial industries globally since 1954.

  • Cadorath has adopted a green strategy to reduce our environmental footprint with over $10,000,000.00 invested to date in our plants and processes including: emission & pollution control, green initiative coating alternatives and hazardous chemical reduction of up to 90%.

  • Our commitment to Lean philosophies over 5 years ago has resulted in long term sustainable value through exceeding customer expectations & competitive offerings by working together for the greater gain, and always conducting ourselves with integrity and respect.

  • With over 200,000 sq. ft. under roof in three strategic locations our over 250 skilled team members provide solutions to industry every day.

  • Cadorath is trusted by some of the largest OEM's in the world such as John Deere, Rolls-Royce, and Briggs & Stratton to name a few.