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Uniflyte Inc.

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Cadorath Uniflyte

Unique Approaches - Unique Solutions

Unique approaches lead to unique solutions. And unique solutions are what have satisfied Cadorath Uniflyte customers for over 30 years.

At Uniflyte, we provide innovative welding and fabrication solutions to our customers and our superior service helps us consistently deliver peace of mind.

It also doesn't hurt that wherever you are, Uniflyte can't be far behind. Our products and processes are found across the world - even in places where you'd least expect it.

Uniflyte products can be found in grain harvesting equipment, ice surface cleaning machines, components for machines that gather corn for ethanol, augers for foundations, snowblower blades, commercial ventilation systems, paper-making products, mining equipment and ice fishing equipment - just to name a few!

Our strong relationships with steel mills and service centres allow us to provide our customers with innovative, quality solutions at a competitive price - and that guarantees satisfaction.

We can and will fabricate metal products that exceed your expectations.

Call us today to discover the Cadorath difference!

Why Us?

  • With 12 auger flighting mills positioned in the heart of the agriculture community, Uniflyte has the largest auger flighting and screw conveyor forming capacity in North America. Our integrated logistics solutions will ensure that you have the product you need, where you need it, when you need it.

  • By listening to industry as their needs grow and change, Uniflyte has been able to introduce new products and options that will significantly reduce your cost and downtime. Our commitment to research and development has allowed the addition of extended wear coatings and the new patented UltraFlyte™ auger flighting to our impressive product line.

  • After 35 years and 10 million miles of auger flighting and screw conveyors formed, our experience and commitment to quality has allowed Uniflyte to become the preferred supplier to more than 400 long term customers including some of the biggest names in the industry. The success of our customers speaks for itself.

  • All Cadorath Uniflyte employees are fully trained in all concepts of Lean Manufacturing. It is part of our culture, and our promise to you, that we will provide products of great value that are second to none!

Why UltraFlyte™ Auger Flighting?

  • UltraFlyte's™ auger flighting concave face provides for up to 90 bushels per hour faster screw conveying than Super-Edge auger flighting using an 8 inch auger, helping you get that extra load of the day to the elevator. Imagine the gains you will get on larger diameter augers!

  • UltraFlyte's™ auger flighting redesigned concave flight face, combined with its smooth transition to the thickened outer edge - as well as the higher carbon steel, provides for much better wear and over 50% longer life than Super-Edge auger flighting.

  • Since UltraFlyte™ auger flighting wears so much longer, the productivity gains are realized over a much longer life thereby significantly reducing the auger's cost per bushel!