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The thing about setting goals is that working to achieve them is often a very humbling experience. I’ve recently had such an experience with a personal goal I set for myself. A thousand times I wanted to just walk away. All the insecurities, the anxiety, the fear! I kept asking myself “who am I trying to kid? I can’t do this!”

My inspiration to continue didn’t come from within, but rather from the people I have the honour of working with.

Day after day I watch these people set goals that at the outset seem insurmountable, sometimes they stumble, sometimes they fall, sometimes there is fear in their eyes. Yet day after day they pick themselves back up, and drive forward. That’s courage. That’s what personal growth is all about. That’s what turning can’t into next is all about.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the fiercely dedicated people at Cadorath for your strength and courage. You both humble, and inspire me. In closing I have one final word for you……NEXT!

-Gerry Cadorath, CEO


Gerry Cadorath


I’ve been walking the floors of Cadorath since I was old enough to walk. At 13 I started working here during summer break. In 1978 I came on full time. Watching Cadorath become what it is today, and seeing my vision for our future unfold, has been one of the greatest pleasures of my life - right up there with the adventures I share with my beautiful wife, watching my children grow up and succeed, and the grandchildren.

David Haines


I've held many positions throughout the organization since joining in 1992 starting as a machinist. I am surrounded by strong and passionate people unequaled in my years of observation elsewhere. Whether good times or difficult ones the team member next to you inspires the best in us all to rise to each challenge. I enjoy time with my family, I am an avid cook and like motorcycling.

Norm Comeault


Prior to joining Cadorath I worked in public practice for 5 years as a CPA/CA after receiving an honors degree in Business Administration. I started with Cadorath in 1998. I am inspired by the satisfaction of working together to achieve common goals. In my off time, I enjoy sports, especially hockey and spending time with my family.

Shane Zakaluk

Dir. of Engineering & Quality Assurance

I began my career with Cadorath in 2001 as machinist while I was attending University. Since then I have been in many quality and engineering positions and in 2010 accepted the role as Director of Engineering. I'm driven by the diversity, uniqueness and innovative solutions we provide to our customers. When not in the office I can be found enjoying powersports, fishing and hunting.

Customer Care

Leigh Hoffman

Dir. of Customer Care - Aviation

I have worked in Aviation since 1995 and joined Cadorath in 1999. Prior to Cadorath I worked as a certified gas turbine R&O technician. I enjoy the challenge and satisfaction gained in presenting solutions and solving problems for our partners. I enjoy coming to work each day and admire my colleagues and co-workers. In my spare time I enjoy outdoor activities and sports.

Brandy Cadorath

Customer Care - Agriculture (Winnipeg)

I joined the Cadorath team after successful tenures in retail and administration. I enjoy working with people and like the challenges of providing solutions for customers. Since 2003 the agricultural industry has provided me with an opportunity to work with not just a great team, but a family. I am a mother and when not at work I am spending time with my family and friends.

Jennifer Swan

Customer Care - Mining, Oil & Gas / Industrial

With more than 20 years in Customer Service, I’m proud to say I’ve never felt more at home than when working with the supportive team at Cadorath. To communicate with our wide customer base, delivering products that meet their needs, always brings a smile to my face. I enjoy spending time with my kids, volunteering as a foster for Manitoba Mutts, and relaxing with a good book.

Tracie Boyer

Customer Care - Aviation (Lafayette)

I began in aviation with Cadorath in 2012 and held multiple positions prior to my current role in customer care. Having a clear operational understanding combined with a drive to contribute to customer solutions makes our team successful. My family is very important to me. We enjoy rodeos together and sporting events that my children participate in.


Chris Jones

Dir. of Operations - Agriculture

I joined Cadorath in 1999 as a machinist by trade specializing in CNC/CMM programming. I enjoy the diversity of the products Cadorath offers as it allows me engage customers on a wide variety of solutions to their challenges. I have a large family and we spend much of our free time together. Otherwise one might find me on the golf course as time allows.

Gord T. Mitchell

Dir. of Operations - Aviation (Winnipeg)

I joined the aviation industry in 1991 beginning as a fixed wing mechanic. After joining Cadorath in 1996 as an Inspector I gained experience in customer care, project management and ultimately production supervision. Every day presents a new challenge and I enjoy providing solutions to those challenges for our customers. When not at the shop I enjoy the family cottage life, reading and sports.

Larry Barkley

Dir. of Operations - Aviation (Lafayette)

I spent 9 years with Cadorath as an inspector since becoming part of the team in 2009. I've always enjoyed the challenge it provided me. Previously, I had experience in oil field transportation and retail management. When not at work, I enjoy time with my family and yardwork. If I have a passion, it is fishing.

Tim Haines

Operations Manager - Plating

I entered the plating industry at Cadorath 6 years ago. Everyday is an opportunity to grow and advance together, and we're always learning something new. It keeps me on my toes wondering what's next and is exciting to have in a workplace. Camping during the summer is my favourite time since there's nothing more rewarding than spending time with my wife and son - it gives me a chance to relax and watch my son grow.

Jeff Malpas

Plant Manager - Mining, Oil & Gas / Industrial

I've spent the last 26 years in the machining field and I am an inter-provincial Red Seal Machinist. I have worked at Cadorath since 2009. It is nice to come to work, be appreciated and be part of a great team. The people are a big reason why I want to come to work every day. I enjoy motorcycling, fishing and sight-seeing.

Brad Ewonchuk

Plant Manager - Aviation (Winnipeg)

I have worked in Aviation since beginning with Cadorath in 1999. My machinist experience includes lathes, grinders, and honing. I enjoy the people I work with and the opportunities that Cadorath provides. When not in my office I enjoy sports and spending time with my family and friends.

Business Development

Roy Hartfiel

Dir. of Business Development

I have worked in aviation for the majority of my professional life. Beginning as a technician and inspector in 1995 and now in development programs, I have enjoyed each day since then. I credit the support of my team and colleagues. Our objective to exceed expectations is evident in each of them. When away from the office, I like time on my motorcycle, traveling and with my family and friends.

Adam Gamble

Dir. of Business Development

Prior to joining Cadorath in 2012, I worked in administrative and customer care roles and most recently as a front line health care provider. Each and every day is a challenging and rewarding learning experience. I enjoy the solutions we provide and my team members make every day great. When not at work I enjoy spending time with my children, hunting, fishing and riding my motorcycle.

Rodney Kucheran

Dir. of Business Development

I found Aviation in 2006 while working in digital and print media marketing. I joined Cadorath in 2014 and continue to enjoy the team and challenges that everyday affords. Very early I witnessed an organization that puts people first with a strong culture evidenced by the teams at each location and division. In my free time, I am happiest spending it with my family & friends and travelling.

Sean Wilton

Business Development - Agriculture

I joined Cadorath in 1993 as a member of the agricultural division. I enjoy participating in and watching new projects and products come to life. The journey from conception to realization has many rewards. I enjoy statistical mathematics and history. I enjoy card and strategy based games and spend my spare time primarily with my family and two dogs.

Johnny Sutherland

Dir. of Marketing

Previous to my current role, I was a business owner, and spent my professional time in print media, digital imaging and web development. I joined Cadorath in 2010 and take pride in the challenges and opportunities provided me each day. I am inspired by the diversity and commitment of my colleagues. I enjoy water color painting, music, the outdoors and time with family and friends.

Brad Hildebrand

Senior Estimator - Agriculture

I have been employed by Cadorath for in excess of 30 years. My experience includes, sales estimating, electro-plating, metal coatings application and plant manager for one of our agricultural operations. Cadorath has always provided challenges making each of our accomplishments very rewarding. I enjoy motorcycles and activities such as hunting, fishing and outdoor sports.

Larry Savard

Sales - Aviation

I joined Cadorath upon the acquisition of Northern Turbines and have been involved in the purchase and sale of aircraft parts since 1995. When I am not working I spend time at our cottage and traveling. I very much enjoy the people I work with and the challenges that come from dealing with different people all over the world.

Al Shankie

Sales - Aviation

I have worked in the aerospace industry for 38 years, 11 of which have been with Cadorath. Every day brings a new challenge. This is an industry that attracts sharp minds and capable people. Over the years it has been my privilege to meet and work with many such individuals. In my spare time I enjoy spending quality time with my family.

Joe Wilson

Business Development - Aviation

I began my career in aviation in 1978 as a A&P technician. Over the years I have had the pleasure of meeting many great individuals. I joined Cadorath in 1995 and became part of an incredible team. I believe in the work we do in support of so many other aviation teams. If you are unable to reach me in my office it's likely I'm on my Harley.

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